FEMWORKS is a part of the community of business women.  As such, we have a unique perspective and interpretation of data because we bring experiences that most other agencies do not. Using our distinctive knowledge combined with data, we formulate authentic connection for your business through meaningful messages.  We will partner with you to create and sustain a positive impression on women consumers and business owners.

Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned firms increased by 45%, compared to just a 9% increase among all businesses.

~ American Express Open, The State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

Women-owned businesses have become the backbone of the American economy and are becoming the new economic majority. We have experienced this change firsthand – FEMWORKS is a successful woman-owned and operated business specializing in community engagement and creating authentic connection. More and more women are stepping into important roles in various organizations or starting their own businesses. In fact, some researchers suggest that women now have and influence more purchasing power than their male counterparts.

High-net-worth women account for 39% of the country’s top wealth earners; 2.5 million of them have combined assets of $4.2 trillion. More than 1.3 million women professionals and executives earn in excess of $100,000 annually. 43% of Americans with more than $500,000 in assets are female

~ MassMutual Financial Group–2007

It is our aim to provide business owners with the right blend of community engagement strategies to make sure that they can achieve success in their specific competitive markets. Through our custom outreach campaigns and content creation FEMWORKS helps to transform your ventures into a relationship of trust. The trick is to formulate strategies that engage your target audiences effectively. Thanks to the skills of our creative team, we are able to deliver clients the services that they require.
Our efforts will help set your brand apart; you will be stand out from the brands that do not have the benefit of our insights. Insight is key when you are trying to promote a business. Audiences are constantly looking for something that is relatable and captivating, and aligned with their values.  Our end goal is to produce a message for your audiences that does exactly that.

Partner in Progress

59% of Black women expect companies they support to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

~ Nielsen + Essence, Powerful. Growing. Influential. The African-American Consumer 2014 report

Inspiring your target consumers is not our only goal. With our help, you can launch your business into the public eye and build up a trustworthy image of your brand. Our top most priority will be making sure that your business grows as swiftly as you require it to.


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