Who We Serve

FEMWORKS provides your government agency projects, ventures, and engagement campaigns, etc. with highly effective community outreach strategies, which can deliver your message to the constituencies you are seeking to reach.

We are the agency for you when you are trying to get a community outreach project off the ground. We have a time tested integrated approach for developing community engagement strategies that can aid you in your objectives.  Our team consists of highly skilled individuals who use their native insights combined with data to create messages that can attract the attention of your target community.

We have handled municipal, county, state and federal government community engagement campaigns and events in the past. So you can have peace of mind, because your endeavor will be in good, and very experienced, hands. We are a certified minority and women owned business, which presents our clients with the benefit of our unique perspective.


Promise of Access

FEMWORKS can improve your access to successfully engage hard to reach communities and low to moderate income households.  The integrated approach that we have in place at FEMWORKS lets us deliver quality solutions to our clients. Not only do we help clients produce impactful messages and community engagement, we also find ways to deliver those messages to the target audience and make sure that they make the impressions they need to.


Partner in Progress

With the help of our team at FEMWORKS, you will be able to revitalize communities. This is where our clients’ and our goals coincide, because we also want to strengthen the communities around us and put the triple bottom line values into effect so everyone can benefit from the progress. Engage our services and allow us to become a partner in your government agency projects’ success, so we can see all our communities progress the way we want them to.

Our corporate partners hire us to put their business on the fast track to expanding their share of the multicultural market.  In the US the multicultural population is already over 120 million strong and increasing by 2.3 million per year. In the U.S. Hispanics, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and all other multiculturals already make up 38% of the U.S. population and have a combined annual buying power of over $3 trillion.  

African American annual buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2018. Further African Americans reportedly spend more on electronics, utilities, groceries, and footwear.  

~ Selig Center for Economic Growth, University of Georgia

It is quite possible to seize a place in such an ever-growing multicultural market; all you need is authentic community engagement strategies that flow down from the top management level of your company to your employees and then to your clientele through the marketing team. But you know that it's easier said than done; and that is why we are here!

The number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322% since 1997, making black females the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. 
~ Fortune Magazine

Let's work together to devise a corporate marketing strategy that revitalizes your business and helps you to increase your profits through multicultural markets.


Why Us?

Development of a corporate marketing strategy takes place at the highest level of the organizational management. There are no shortcuts in the corporate marketing strategy design and implementation. It takes time to attract new customers and build brand loyalty with revised marketing plans.  Considering the importance and sensitivity of this phase, we employ the cream of community engagement strategists who have amazing business foresight and are adept to complex marketing analysis.

Only 3% of the African American LGBT community feel that corporate America does a good job outreaching to them. ~ Community Marketing, Inc., African American / Black LGBT Community Survey

If you are looking for a community engagement specialist who can guide you through the marketing strategy for your business, your search is over!


FEMWORKS partners with philanthropies to help bring social and economic change in the community.  We are accomplished in our field and we take on projects we believe in.

The integrated campaigns we formulate for our partners create maximum impact for them to further their reach and deliver their messages to multicultural communities. We take on philanthropic projects that deal with issues in social justice, issues in economic equality and other barriers that impact the vitality of the community at large. We will create a strategy that holds the community at the center.

Our team of creative professionals create images and messages that will attract the right people to your cause.  The end result of working with us will be a transformative strategy that will communicate messages that helps to build community and influence positive behavior.


FEMWORKS will partner with your non-profit create an effective community engagement campaign to amplify your cause and celebrate your impact and accomplishments. We bring the innovative thinking and a native understanding of the issues and possess the abilities and skills to provide you with a campaign that can influence your audience.

FEMWORKS community engagement campaigns inspire multicultural community members to get involved in your cause. FEMWORKS produces outreach strategies that capture your authentic narrative and attract your target audiences to your project and organization. We have assembled a team of individuals that have extensive experience with developing integrated campaigns for non-profits.

We began as a grassroots business so we bring a unique perspective to every project we handle. We understand the issues that are affecting the community at large. We keep all that experience and knowledge in mind and combine it with data for use to our client’s advantage.

Advocate for Change

It is important for all our team members to inspire action and social change, so they put their wholehearted efforts into formulating community outreach strategies that will land.  Bringing about real and apparent change through a non-profit campaign is possible, when the right content is combined with an effective community engagement, funder relations and policy change.  Our creative team will craft content that will deliver your message in a clear and effective manner.  Our main focus will always remain on the client’s objectives and the content that we produce reflects that.


Partner in progress

Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, FEMWORKS realizes the true importance of local businesses' impact on economic development and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in the pursuit of business growth and community impact.
The number of businesses owned by African American women grew 322% since 1997, making black females the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. 
~ Fortune Magazine

Training and education 

We take great pride in our partnership with Rutgers University Business School and Rutgers University Professional Development and Continuing Education, economic development agencies and non-profits across the country. Through these partners and many others, FEMWORKS delivers business training and education for first-generation entrepreneurs who are often Women, African American, Latino and from urban areas that are experiencing revitalization.   We realize that competition in the small business market is fierce, that is why we bring ideas, programs and business concepts that help entrepreneurs grow their business faster, better and stronger.  
Between 2007 and 2016, the number of Latina-owned firms increased by 137%
~ American Express Open, The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

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