Our Approach

FEMWORKS was founded in 2004 as a Limited Liability Company in the State of New Jersey


Reach Build Empower.®

Femworks Process Infographic

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  • Step 1: Reach – Identify the target community audience and gather qualitative and quantitative data
  • Step 2: Engage – Leverage native insight and data to design a community engagement strategy
  • Step 3: Build – Develop an integrated campaign that leverages real photography, campaign messaging, and events to build authentic relationships
  • Step 4: Empower – Deliver a compelling call to action and place the public facing campaign in appropriate and relevant media and public spaces
  • Step 5: Continue – Continue to engage and empower the entire community. Establish a community advisory board, evaluation tools and processes to inform and improve the overall campaign efficacy


FEMWORKS develops integrated campaigns, events and custom campaign photography. As natives of the multicultural communities we specialize in reaching, FEMWORKS has a turn-key approach to building authentic relationships. We communicate with relevant messages informed by native insight, experience and research. FEMWORKS builds the relationships necessary that make campaigns meaningful, measureable, and transformative.

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