FEMWORKS will partner with your non-profit create an effective community engagement campaign to amplify your cause and celebrate your impact and accomplishments. We bring the innovative thinking and a native understanding of the issues and possess the abilities and skills to provide you with a campaign that can influence your audience.

FEMWORKS community engagement campaigns inspire multicultural community members to get involved in your cause. FEMWORKS produces outreach strategies that capture your authentic narrative and attract your target audiences to your project and organization. We have assembled a team of individuals that have extensive experience with developing integrated campaigns for non-profits.

We began as a grassroots business so we bring a unique perspective to every project we handle. We understand the issues that are affecting the community at large. We keep all that experience and knowledge in mind and combine it with data for use to our client’s advantage.

Advocate for Change

It is important for all our team members to inspire action and social change, so they put their wholehearted efforts into formulating community outreach strategies that will land.  Bringing about real and apparent change through a non-profit campaign is possible, when the right content is combined with an effective community engagement, funder relations and policy change.  Our creative team will craft content that will deliver your message in a clear and effective manner.  Our main focus will always remain on the client’s objectives and the content that we produce reflects that.


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