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We take great pride in our partnership with Rutgers University Business School and Rutgers University Professional Development and Continuing Education, economic development agencies and non-profits across the country. Through these partners and many others, FEMWORKS delivers business training and education for first-generation entrepreneurs who are often Women, African American, Latino and from urban areas that are experiencing revitalization. We realize that competition in the small business market is fierce, that is why we bring ideas, programs and business concepts that help entrepreneurs grow their business faster, better and stronger. 


Stay Ready to Communicate frames the art of pitching as a practice that happens each time an entrepreneur engages their target public, rather than as something that mainly happens when in a "Shark Tank" scenario or on the elevator. The workshop aims to provide a framework for participants to approach pitching as a process that starts with research about their target audience(s) and continues beyond the initial handshake or presentation. Delivered in a two-hour workshop followed by individual coaching sessions, participants learn how to craft customized pitches unique to each of their customer types, investors, grant makers, and other strategic audiences.

Workshop Overview:

  • Two-hour online workshop
  • One-hour individual coaching sessions, two in total for each participant
  • Format: Distance education - online, select live events
  • Instructor: Rutgers Executive, Industry Expert
  • Location: Web based



Newark Business Hub for Creative Entrepreneurs (The Hub for Creatives), a Rutgers University Continuing Education certificate program, is dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs, those in visual and communications media, entertainment, fine and performing arts.  The Hub is designed to help creatives to grow their business faster, better and stronger.  Participants are provided expert advice on operating strategies that will help them achieve market differentiation, market awareness and penetration, operational efficiency, and greater profitability. The Hub offers educational resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities that will help creative individuals start and expand profitable businesses, create wealth and jobs. 

The program is delivered through a series of fourteen online workshops, individual coaching and  mentoring sessions, and special events. 

Certificate Courses:

  • Plan the Business Growth You Expect
  • Collaboration is Key to Business Success
  • Negotiate a Win Win
  • Next Level Operations and Management
  • Stay Ready to Communicate
  • Money Moves, doing business by the numbers
  • Partnering Up, how to leverage marketing and alliances
  • Great Credit is Possible
  • Harness Strategic Social Media
  • Technology Power Tools
  • Priced Right for Profit
  • Cloud Based Teams Near and Far
  • Agree to Protect Your IP
  • Craft RFPs that Win Corporate and Government Contracts


Workshop Overview:

  • Fourteen-three hour online workshops
  • One-hour individual coaching sessions focused on finance and strategic planning. Six sessions in total for each participant.
  • Format:  Distance education - online, select live events
  • Instructor: Education Instructor, Rutgers Executive
  • Location: Web based

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