African American Community

Our company is suffused with African American culture, giving FEMWORKS native insight and fluency that we combine with data. This distinctive quality about our firm presents our clients with the advantage that they require to successfully engage the African American community over the long-term.

African American focused community engagement is close to our hearts because we began FEMWORKS with the mission to reach this community and help our partners to build authentic long-lasting relationships that empower the community at large. We take a little extra pride in developing these strategies and work hard for our clients, so they can gain access to African Americans, the new economic majorities. You can focus on other activities, while FEMWORKS handles all your community engagement strategies. Our cultural fluency and data driven approach in diverse communities allow us to develop meaningful messages and strategies that will amplify your brand and outreach campaign.

African American annual buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2018. Further African Americans reportedly spend more on electronics, utilities, groceries, and footwear.  

~ Selig Center for Economic Growth, University of Georgia

Hiring us to direct your community engagement efforts will be the best decision you make, because we have a dedicated team of content creators that innovate new ways to communicate your message to African Americans. They will utilize every relevant communication tool in our marketing arsenal to make sure that your message makes an impact.

Smartphone ownership is near universal in the African American LGBT community, but especially among those under age 35. Use of landlines and home desktop computers is very limited with those under age 35.

~ Community Marketing, Inc., African American / Black LGBT Community Survey


Promise of Access

Our native insights, cultural fluency and data driven approach unlock access to African Americans.  We successfully engage and connect with African Americans because we understand the African Americans trailblazers whose expansive influence reaches beyond the border of their community.  We know and understand this fact wholeheartedly and develop strategies to get the most out of outreach budgets.  

African-Americans are very receptive to advertising and programming that includes positive cultural themes and include people of color.

~ Nielsen + Essence, Powerful. Growing. Influential. The African-American Consumer 2014 Report

We align our goals with our clients’ and help them get their message across effectively.  We help unlock access to African American communities with community engagement strategies centered on building authentic long-term relationships with the African American community.

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